Conflict management, analysis, and resolution

Conflict management is an often overlooked area of business strategy that is critical to a well running and competitive organization. Organizations and businesses waste millions of dollars annually misdiagnosing conflict and attempting to resolve internal and external conflicts through reorganizations without having a firm understanding of the underlying causes and effects.  novaturient_conflictManagers can not afford to ignore conflict, but instead should look for ways to reduce negative conflict among teams and increase the positive conflict that is crucial to ensuring that innovation and ideas continue between team members.

Origins Organizational conflicts can be traced to many causes such as poor communication, aggressive deadlines, poor management, strained  relationships with colleagues, and low job satisfaction among employees. Our experts have years of experience helping organizations going through periods of dynamic change manage conflict and turn it into a benefit rather than a liability by promoting communication, helping leadership identify root causes and resolution strategies, and stressing the importance of individualism.

Solution Development novaturient will help you identify and diagnose issues within your organization that you may not even know exist.¬† Our experts can help you develop a sound strategy for managing negative conflict while spurring the positive conflict among teams and team members that is necessary in today’s competitive business environment.

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