Crisis management and resilience

Many organizations try to cope with what appears to be a constant succession of smaller or larger crises.  But what really constitutes a crisis? Most would argue it is some sort of threat (such as resource shortages or budget cuts), uncertainty (about optionovaturient_resiliencens for decision-making, for example) and urgency, or combination thereof.

Viewed this way, a crisis causes considerable ‘angst.’  But a crisis can also be seen as a departure from the norm or established pattern – in other words, a change in conditions.

As such, a crisis can be managed.  This ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions – to be resilient – can be achieved through a robust continuous organizational learning process. novaturient’s experts will help you identify the metrics for such a process, assess your strengths and weaknesses, set goals for improvement, and evaluate outcomes.

Let us show you a new way of viewing change.