The novaturient team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds that have decades of experience that spans across industries such as transportation, banking and finance, academia, insurance, software, and technology.  Our experts have been involved in academic research and project management in the United States and Europe on issues of homeland security, national and international governance structures, regional economic development, and science and technology policy.  We have led organizations through periods of dynamic change and leveraged our experience to help our clients achieve their organizational goals and objectives at an accelerated pace.  novaturient understands that in today’s fast paced, highly competitive environment, clients are not seeking to reinvent the wheel, but instead, are looking for innovative methods and processes that are proven reliable, but can be customized for their organization.novaturient_experience

Our professionals are thought leaders in fields such as organizational design, IT strategy, program and project management, conflict management, analysis, and resolution, and critical infrastructure protection and resilience.  We often share our experience with the community by speaking at conferences and events nationally and internationally.  We conduct research and submit our findings in professional journals, thus contributing to the larger body of knowledge benefitting our community as a whole.  Our consultants hold advanced degrees and certifications in our areas of expertise. We bring our knowledge and experience to bear for our clients by helping them identify their issues and organizational pain points and developing custom solutions that lead to their organizational goals and objectives.

Let us show you a new way of viewing change.