Organizational change management

The old adage is true – organizations will change or become irrelevant and cease to exist.  Change is a key criteria for innovation and, as such, businesses and organizations must continually seek out and develop new processes, methods, and ways of conducting business in order to maintain a competitive advantage and remain relevant to customers.  novaturient_organizational_changenovaturient’s Change Management professionals are trained and certified in the Prosci® Change Management Methodology and bring this knowledge to bear along with our years of implementing change in complex environments for our clients.

Strategy novaturient will assist you in developing a framework for managing organizational change that is customized for your organization taking into consideration your current and future goals and objectives.  We will work with your team to develop a custom solution that will provide a stable and consistent path to follow for implementing organizational change and ensuring adoption by your employees.

novaturient’s systematic Change Management Process follows a straightforward 3 step approach based on:

Communication: The most critical component to any organizational change regardless of size and complexity.
Planning: Develop a customized strategy that ensures that the change meets short term and long term organizational goals and objectives.
Training and Reinforcing: Often overlooked, training ensures understanding and adoption of the change by the community across the organization.

novaturient_organizational_change2Relevant Experience Our team of experts have successfully led complex organizational changes using this process for clients going through complex organizational restructuring, implementing new business processes to maintain competitive advantages, and migrating from legacy systems to the latest Enterprise Resource Planning systems from large software vendors.

Whether you are considering a change in organizational structure by a department or implementing a complex enterprise IT system across your entire organization,  our team of experts can help you by developing a plan for managing, implementing, and ensuring adoption of the organizational change.

Let us show you a new way of viewing change.


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